EU Resources - Rural Development Program

During the past seven years, between 2010 and 2017, investments increased by around 33% at constant prices. In 2018 growth can be even higher thanks to the implementation of investment projects with funds from Rural Development Program.

The proper funding of these projects is the common interest for the enterprises, for the government and for banks. AVHGA's guarantee plays a significant role to help achieving this.

Loans and bank guarantees required for projects are provided by financial institutions, AVHGA can provide the necessary collateral. AVHGA's guarantee can be issued with state counter-guarantee up to 80% guarantee coverage or with COSME counter-guarantee up to 90% coverage.

AVHGA, together with banks has been developing financing products that help projects funded by grants from Rural Development Program. Moreover, to provide favourable financing for businesses and to facilitate the successful completion of projects under RDP, AVHGA lets off guarantee fee for the first 2 calendar years if state aid rules make it possible.

21 February 2018